In the hotel and hospitality industry, everything is different today than it was yesterday, and will certainly change again tomorrow. Change is happening more rapidly and drastically than ever before, and it’s hard to keep up, much less try to lead. Pricing is transparent, making it imperative that you identify and convey value differences. Guests are more outspoken and savvy, quick to pump up or deflate businesses with online reviews, making brand management critical. Social media, search engine optimization, and mobile strategies for smart phones are more than buzzwords – they’ve become marketing lifelines.

    Business is coming back, slowly but surely, but no one’s quite certain that the darkest days of the recession are firmly behind us, which makes committing to employee salaries and benefits an iffy proposition, at best. Technology is moving ahead at ever-increasing clips, making it difficult to judge when to buy and merge new software and hardware.

    Many of the traditional distribution channels have lost their effectiveness, while new options are cropping up monthly. Efficient inventory management becomes vital, as the slightest uptick in average daily room rates and average occupancy rates can make the difference between profit and loss.

    New generations of employees are entering the workforce who think and act differently than other members of your staff, making the need for staff training, development, and teamwork essential.

    What can you do about all of these challenges in uncertain times? That’s easy… take a deep breath, give us a call, and then relax.

    We have more than 25 years experience in the hotel and hospitality industry (including sales and marketing, revenue management, and staff training, and we’ve worked with all types of properties, at all stages of business growth and development.

    We have the ability to quickly assess a situation (based on the type of property, location, and market), make recommendations, and oversee implementation.

    We consistently deliver results – designed for immediate short-term impact, as well as sustained long-term results – and we work well with hotel managers, hotel operators, hotel owners, and hotel developers.

    Need a turnaround specialist? A consultant for an acquisition or pre-opening? An expert in revenue and profit growth? We can fulfill all of these roles and more.

    We’d love to work with you, hand in hand, to make your property as competitive as it can be!

    For more information on our complete range of consulting services, please call (303) 683-8639, or e-mail amanda.dennis@ajdassoc.com.


    For more information on our complete range of consulting services, please contact:

    Amanda J. Dennis

    Phone: (303) 683-8639

    Email: amanda.dennis@ajdassoc.com